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This collaboration is a chance to be held and guided energetically. A space offered to move through time, space, and your current reality. To release blockages, radically accept one’s personal journey and remember to soften into one’s authentic self. From aiding in sickness to moving spiritual mountains in one’s life these sessions depend solely on the bigness of healing the individual client is calling in. 


Every session is channeled/tailored to your personal journey. The benefits of these sessions include leaving with a sense of feeling nurtured, embodied, and with clarity. These sessions create a powerful and sacred space where you and I attune to your inner knowing and allow the messages to come through. 


    My approach is journeying inward with the client while creating a gentle opening space. The client is given space to speak the narrative of what they are desiring to move through. I pull cards before each session to tap into the energy, the Client will have the ability to relax in their own space with their personal creature comforts. Together we will set the container with prayer and intention while guiding them to settle into their body, relax their mind, and step into this moment of self-nourishment. Music is played during a session to aid in moving, transmuting, and clearing the energy. Once the session is complete the music will softly fade out, the client will be asked to come back to the space by coming back into the body with wiggling toes and fingers and opening eyes once ready. The session will end with reflections from the client if they desire to share then I will also share what came up through my Clair’s (gifts), action steps to take, Intuitive messages, and journal prompts to help integrate the session. We will close with gratitude and a closing prayer. Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual client.


    1,5 Hour.


    Via Zoom. Merici offers her magic from Thursday to Friday 7-7 pm.

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