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A 50-60 minute Soul-based Astrology consultation, where we will focus on a specific challenge (or person) through the lens of your soul. We'll unpack your situation using the current astrology and your personal birth chart. You'll receive meaning, wisdom, and directives to discover, support, and challenge yourself while expanding your worldview. 


By the end of your session, you will feel empowered to navigate your challenging situation and chart your own course with confidence.


    Crystal is a Debra Silverman trained Astrologer as well as a Personal development and Grief Guidance Mentor on a quest to learn and explore what we humans need, in order to ride the waves of life with an open mind and an open heart. Her approach honors all aspects of the human experience - with a focus on self-discovery, personal development, and grief recovery. Her goal is to help you lead life with curiosity and compassion, while cultivating a growth mindset and self-accountability, so you can get back in the driver’s seat with confidence and tackle any obstacle you meet head on. Crystal has spent years studying astrology, esoteric science and spirituality, symbology, language form, and grief guidance. She combines the overarching patterns in your birth chart with relevant context, metaphors, and tips and tricks to help make your experiences in life more meaningful, empowering, practical, and applicable. With her genuine no-bs delivery, Crystal has been described as grounding and comfortable to talk to. Together you two will unpack and craft an action plan to help with your current life circumstances, while also equipping you with the tools and knowledge to continue the trek on your own.



    1 Hour.


    Via Zoom. 

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