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If you have been feeling a little lost and hopeless, this offering will help you see beyond the clouds of the mind and re-enter the space of the Soul. In this reading, Carmen will pick up a couple or more Tarot and Oracle cards to provide you guidance about the hidden lesson of this moment of your life and the best medicine to ride its challenges. 


She will connect with your energy through the astral realm and ask your guides to deliver the message you need the most right now. Then she will send you a PDF with a short text (around 300 words) and a picture of your reading. In it, you will also receive some practical ways to implement the guide’s invitation into your routine. This kind of reading is intended to help you feel at ease with whatever it is here and open your heart to the miracles around you. 


    Carmen deeply believes in the power of self-compassion and kindness to heal the wounds of the heart. Through awareness and radical acceptance, we are able to love even the darkest pieces of the self until only light and spaciousness are left. She has experienced in her own spiritual journey how love can ground us in the infinite potential of the present moment and reconnect us with the oceanic feeling of oneness

    Her Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius and Virgo Rising make her a multipassionate learner. She practices Universal Bioenergetics, Ancestral healing, Tarot, I-Ching, Astrology, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork and Somatic exercises to help her heal the body, the mind and the Soul. 



    Expect to receive the PDF with your reading in 48 hours. 

30,40 €Precio
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